Date of Birth: 03/18/2023 • Red Merle Female • Full Dentition/Scissors Bite
OFA Hips N/A • OFA Elbows N/A • Eyes: N/A
Clear on Full Genetic Panel by Parentage
VCH WTCH AKC GCH/CH CarMel Dark Matter BN CDX RMX AFTDs AFTD-Xsdm AFTDc RRDsc x Cut’n Loose On My Way To You OTDs STDc RM CGC TKN
Bred, Owned & Loved by Shelby Collins


I knew the second she came out that I really wanted to keep this one. Born into this world kicking and screaming but the second she sat in my lap completely calm. From day one she was always the one fighting for my lap, which ironically was exactly what her mother did when I went to choose a puppy. When their evals were completed and I realized that my gut had been right the whole time, I decided she was going to stay with me.

Queenie is very toy and treat motivated. With an amazing handler focus. Queenie wants to please and wants to do things with me. Training has come easily for Queenie and we have only just begun. I have taken my time with her training and getting her out and comfortable in new settings. She can be very reserved with strangers, it takes her a moment to warm up to people. And while I definitely do not mind that I have taken the time to show her that the ring is a safe space, that the judges will not get her. And that has proven to work wonders. I should have named her Exceeds Expectations because at her first trial at 10 months old I had EVERY intention of just going in and having fun. But she stuck with me and not only scored higher than even her mother all weekend, but proceeded to win her classes as well! The future is bright with this one.


  • Jan 2024 - earning two legs towards her RNX title with 196 both days!




    VCH WTCH AKC GCH/CH CarMel Dark Matter BN CDX RMX AFTDs AFTD-Xsdm AFTDc RRDsc WTCH VCH CH Diamond Aire Midnite Smoke RM CDX AFTDsm OFTDd RTDsc HOF VCH WTCH CH Legends Boomvang CD RS-O JS-O GS-O Ch Spring Fever Standing Ovation Ch Caledonias Crowd Pleaser
    WTCH Ch Spring Fever's Whoopie Gal
    Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me CD Ch Windegos Johnnie Walker Red  
    VCH WTCH Ch Lady Claugene Shope CDX
    OF WTCH CH Diamond Aire Midnite Mystique RTDs  WTCH CH Diamond Aire Forever Blue RD RTDc HOF Ch Diamond Aire St. Louis Showboat STDdsc
    HOF CH Diamond Aireka CD 
    Markis Minnie Mouse Ch Diamond Aire Hey Jude CD ATDds STDc RD
    Markis Sandy Sue
    WTCH VCH CH Diamond Aire New Moon RM CDX AFTDsm RTDsc Touchstone Call Me Charming Ch Touchstone Lightning Strikes Ch Touchstone Mercury Rising
    Ch Diamond Aire Silver Showgirl
    Touchstone Spirit Wind Mistretta Shadow Hawk
    Executive Justice O'Touchstone
    HOF WTCH Diamond Aire Solar Flare CD RTDsc CH Diamond Aire Rainbow's River OTDd STDs HOF Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd
    HOF CH Diamond Aire Shadowdancer CD STDc OTDs ATDd
    WTCH Dancing Skies Total Eclipse CDX RTDsc WTCH NUCH DUCH FUCH ASCA CH Diamond Aire Fast Track CD RTDc
    Falkland Danger Zone

    Cut'n Loose On My Way To You RE OTDs STDc CGC TKN  


    Cowgirl Up Take The Dirt Road Cut'n Loose Ain't No Bull STDdc OTDs   WTCH Aggieland's Rowdy Bar Fight HOF Slash V Steel Smoke  
    Aggieland's Valentine Candy 02 STDc  
    HOF WTCH Cut'n Loose Mi-Ti-Sweet Rosa AFTDs HOF Cut'n Loose Mi-Ti-Tuff Outlaw STD  
    HOF Cut'n Loose Mikinda Sweet ATDds RTDs OFTDs    
    WLazy J Kiss My True Gritsflo STDds HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J RTDcs PATDcs HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDcs RTDcs  
    HOF WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur R  
    W Lazy J J2 Red's Cayenne HOF WTCH Crown Pointe Red Baron W Lazy J PATDcs RTDcs  
    HOF WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2  
    Nineveh Trix of The Trade HOF Cut'n Loose Hondo STDcs   HOF Cut'n Loose Mi-Ti-Tuff Outlaw STDd HOF WTCH Deharo's 2 Bits RTDcs DNA-VP 
    HOF Right Cross's 14 Karat Gold CD OTDc ATDds
      HOF Cut'n Loose Mikinda Sweet ATDds RTDs OFTDs HOF Cut'n Loose Mi Kinda Cowboy OTDc ATDds
    HOF Jacob's Testin R Tolerance STDcds
      Wonderhill's Trick Rider STDds HOF WTCH Cut'n Loose Roby PATDs RD Bergert's Black Catalyst STDs   
    WTCH Cutnlooserootintootincowgirl 
      HOF King Cutter Stormie Night's   HOF Cut'n Loose Mi-Ti-Tuff Outlaw STD  
    AKC/ASCA King Cutter's Maggie Blue



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